Angel Porrino Tweets: “Shamelessly driving thru with every intention of making everything supreme!! And dipping it in nacho cheese!”

To which @TacoBell replies: “ That’s our girl.”

Taco Bell Twitter Post

I know one thing is for sure: I love Taco Bell. But I’m not only big on their cheesy gordita crunches, but also their presence on social media. What caught my attention first was Taco Bell’s mastery of Twitter. Whoever Taco Bell Hired to manage Taco Bell’s Twitter loves their job. You can tell by the way they post on Twitter. They engage with everyone. Customers, celebrities, critics, all with the same level of sarcasm and spunk.


Dozens of other tweets can be found here if you’re in need of a good laugh.

List of Taco Bell’s Best Tweets

Or simply follow @TacoBell on Twitter. It’s worth it. Trust me.

All that to be said, I was curious about how Taco Bell handled blogging. I mean, if they have such a strong Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, how would Taco Bell do at blogging?

Turns out, they nailed this one as well.

Taco Bell regularly updates their website with a blog called The Feed with eye-catching articles, future plans, menu options, customer feedback sections and ordering online for crying out loud.

Taco Bell’s Blog and Website

Taco Bell has a massive presence on social media, and they are absolutely killing it.

I may have done my research a little backwards by finding a company who blogs first and then looked up good blogging techniques, however, I found this to be helpful.

In the article “10 Important Reasons to Work seriously on Your Small Business Blog” Jeff Charles talks about 10 things Taco Bell does on all levels of social media.

  1. Market Research. Taco Bell knows where the customers are talking, and goes right to the source.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation: Simply meaning if you Google, Bing, etc. Taco Bell, you’re going to find them.
  3. Customer Engagement: You’ve seen the Twitter, this speaks for itself!
  4. Communicating Your Mission: Despite most people in America already knowing what Taco Bell is, Taco Bell continues to promote themselves through social media and bring affordable food to their customers.
  5. Communicating with Customers: Taco Bell knows change can be scary, so Taco Bell works hard at making sure their customers are in the loop of all changes.
  6. Offering Promotional Material: Any time Taco Bell brings in a new item, their social media presence lights up to excite customers.
  7. Showing Your Human Side: This is my favourite. Again, just check out any of Taco Bell’s Twitter and it will speak for itself.
  8. You Can Become a Source of Value: Taco Bell’s blog and the website makes it easy for customers to engage on their site, and even order online. Adding ease to customer interactions
  9. Networking: That’s the point of Social media right? To stay connected? and Taco Bell stays connected with their customers.
  10. Building credibility: At the end of the day, Taco Bell does offer cheap food. But they stay personable with their customers! And that really does help their already strong image.

4 thoughts on “Blog Más

  1. I just recently found my love for Taco Bell, and I think it was a really good idea to use Twitter in this post. It’s something that is a typical medium used in our society, so Good Job !


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