Here’s a question:

What do these three things have in common? Disney, George Lucas, And Star Wars Rouge One (go see it if you haven’t already.)

Star Wars! The almost 40-year-old series of movies, games, books, accessories, theme park rides…. well, you get the point. Star Wars is ingrained into our culture whether you like Star Wars or not. And we can owe the success of Star Wars not to the new owners, Disney, but to the acquired firm: Lucasfim.

When it comes to looking up anything Star Wars on the internet, it would make sense that when searched, you would get Star Wars results.

But wait about something a tad more generic?

Type in “Droid” as in the Android cell phones, and you’ll get some pictures of the Android logo, as well as some familiar Star Wars characters. Can you spot them all?


To be fair though, I kinda knew that would happen. If you go more generic like “robot” then search results are not as friendly.

But you get the point. what you search in Google, Bing, etc. can make the difference on whether or not your name will pop up!

Bianca Male with Business Insider developed a slideshow titled “10 Basic SEO Tips to Get You Started

  1. Monitor Where You Stand– As always with business practices, measuring performance is key. Fortunately, you have two tools to help monitor where you show up when searched. Google has a toolbar that helps monitor, and another company Alexa can monitor search results as well.
  2. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords!– Be sure to make all relevant and common search words available in your website’s tags. Important words can include company name, product names, affiliates, URLs, and anything else that may seem relevant to searching your company.
  3. Link Back to Yourself– Super simple, but just put direct links on your page, back to your page. It will boost your SEO without much effort at all!
  4. Create a Sitemap– Have a page that links to all other pages. kind of like a “table of contents” of sorts.
  5. Search Friendly URLs– Use clear keywords here. If a customer cannot find your URL easily, sadly, you’ll lose their attention. Make it clear, concise, and relevant.
  6. Avoid Flash– Flash is fancy, but it does not help your SEO. To add, Apple users will not be able to access your website because Apple views Flash as a “security risk.” So, Flash is to be avoided.
  7. Image Descriptions– “What am I looking at?” is the question to answer. Plus, if the customer wants to find that item or page again, they’ll have a name to search instead of sifting through pages. Your SEO goes up, while their satisfaction rises as well!
  8. Content– Update your content. If customers see info on an item back in 2007, that will not be useful to them in 2017 (unless it is for a historical reason. Yeah right.)
  9. Social Media Distribution– Social media is the community most internet users are plugged into. In order to create conversations, make it easier to connect with your customers. Most sites do this for you now anyway.
  10. Link to Others– Sharing is caring! Like with Lucasfilm, now if you go to Disney’s website, you can find Lucasfilm on their page and vise versa. It helps both SEOs to rise.

One thought on “May the SEO be With You

  1. Love Star Wars and the new Rogue One. I thought it was way better than The Force Awakens. Also, I enjoyed the insightful and easy tips for getting started with SEO. Very unique post, great job!


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