In this modern age, it is no surprise that companies utilise the internet in order to reach their companies. But having a website is meaningless without feedback! One way to have feedback is to see how much money is being made from online sales (if you deal online). But this can lag behind current trends, and may not tell the whole story.

The other option is to utilise web analytics.

You do not have to be an analytics expert in order to use these tools either! Just by Googling “Web analytics tools,” 10 of the most popular tools pop up ready to assist your company to analyse your websites.

In fact, Coleman, the outdoor company, utilises many of these tools all at once. In an interview with Kate Jorbgen of Coleman told the interviewers of Spring Metrics (one of Coleman’s web analytics provider) that Coleman uses Google Analytics AND Spring Metrics.

Coleman Company Logo
The Coleman Company, Inc. (PRNewsFoto/The Coleman Company, Inc.)

It’s all in order to respond better to customer activity online.

Stephanie Hamilton with The Daily Egg wrote an article called “5 Components of Successful Web Analytics.” The 5 are as follows:

1.Measurements–  No surprise here, measurements are what keep businesses running. And a good analytics tools should compile these measurements in order to properly measure what you are observing.

2. Bounce Rates and Exit Rates– These are two important measurements as they show if you as a company have captured the viewer’s attention, or if they simply moved on.

3. Referrers– Knowing where someone came from is important! Ever been asked on a questionnaire how you heard about the company? It’s for good reason companies ask. So they can focus on areas that pull in the most customer views.

4. Call to Action Clicks– How often are your viewers inspired to instantly shop, subscribe, or get in contact with your company? Analysing how many people are “called to action” can be a big giveaway as to if your company’s website is appealing, or enticing, enough.

5. Conversations– Of course, having people instantly respond on your page or social media can be a big tool for analytics because the conversations will instantly show what customers are happy, or unhappy about.


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