If you haven’t heard that question before then you don’t shop retail (good for you!), or you just aren’t paying attention at the checkout (bad for you!)

The reason I know this is because I do shop around. Everyone asks. Especially clothing retailers. I know this for a fact because I’ve worked for two of them. The one in particular (and still haunts me to this day) is American Eagle Outfitters. AEO LOVES to get their customers’ emails. So much so, that it actually affected how many hours I was allowed to work. But in hindsight, I understand why it is so important to them.

It’s all about Email Marketing.

Fortunately, I don’t use the email address attached to my AEO employment (trust me, I tried unsubscribing.) The emails were relentless! But each one had the best deals of the month that I always seemed to like. They knew what I liked at purchasing, and sent me emails about items that I would like.

Here’s a good example:


Oh come on, I like clearance!

AEO, in my opinion, is one of the masters of email marketing. Kevan Lee, author with Buffer, wrote an article titled “8 Effective Email Marketing Strategies, Backed By Science

  1. Personalise Your Email Without Using the Recipient’s Name– Forcing Familiarity through the use of names can be unsettling. With email fraud and spam, using first names may startle your recipient. Do as AEO does, and customise deals and new items that match what you have bought in the past.
  2. The Long and Short of Subject Lines– The most successful subject lines are short. anything 60+ characters long will lose the recipient’s attention.
  3. 8:00 PM to Midnight is the Prime Time to Send Your Email– Think about it. When are most people off of work? The emails with the best open rates occur during this time period.
  4. The Best Content is Free Content– Every once in a while, offer something to the recipient. I would get random percentages off jeans from AEO just for opening an email. It ensures the loyalty of the recipient.
  5. Mobile Opens Account for 47 Percent of All Email Opens– These days, most everyone has a smartphone capable of checking email. And research shows recipients are opening emails off of their phones more. So make your emails mobile friendly!
  6. Email Still Reigns Over Facebook and Twitter– Truth be told, I ignore and unsubscribe from retailers’ social media accounts. They annoy me. At least with the emails, I have a chance of getting something. And research shows that email has the edge over social media in marketing campaigns.
  7. Send Email on the Weekends– Same deal as the 8-midnight, people off of work will be more likely to open their email. Research shows Saturday and Sunday opens outperform Monday-Friday opens.
  8. Re-Engage an Inactive Group of Subscribers– 63% of your email subscribers are inactive. Get their attention! Wow them, and get them back in and shopping!

One thought on ““Can I get Your Email to Complete this Order?”

  1. I really liked tips 1 and 3. When I receive emails with my full name inscribed, I usually think its a scam or just somewhat unsettling. However, making a personalized email is still possible and very beneficial as you stated. Tip 3 resonated with me as that is when I typically spend most of my time checking email and other forms of social/digital media. Overall, great post Caleb! Can’t wait to read more!


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