Advertising. The word you’re looking for is “advertising.”

But I guess advertising doesn’t get its point across well enough. So we in the marketing world give it a new name: Paid Search Marketing.

When coming up with a company to do this post’s case on, I had it down to three options: Supercell, Game of War, and Mobile Strike. I ended up going with Supercell in part because 1. I actually like them and 2. Supercell does a great job in Paid Search Marketing. I can’t seem to watch a YouTube video or browse the internet without seeing a Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, or Clash Royale advertisement. They’re everywhere!

Look familiar?

Truth be told, as I was previewing this post, I honestly thought all three of their ads were on my blog. I may have just jinxed myself.

I have a feeling that Supercell pays my brothers to pressure me into playing their dumb games. They’re not dumb. Sorry Supercell.

But seriously, Supercell is an expert at Paid Search Marketing!

Matt Lester with Search Engine Land Wrote an article called “10 Tips for a More Effective Paid Search Campaign” which sums up how to advertise online well.

  1. Show When It Counts– This is the internet advertising version of “location, location, location!” The example given is if your customer base is more likely to shop for your goods from 7 AM to 7 PM, then show your ads then!
  2. Choose Keywords Carefully– Use words that your customers would know that you deal with. This way, advertisements will reach your audience easier.
  3. Select Longer Tail Terms– This is just meaning use keywords that are general (for those who need/ want your product, bu know nothing about it) and professional jargon (for the experts who deal in these goods on a regular basis.) This way, both audiences can be reached by your advertisements.
  4. Go Negative to Be Positive– You can exclude words from your keywords lists! Like if you only buy and sell products, you can exclude words like “rent”, “lease”, etc. This way, you are avoiding potentially lost money in advertisements.
  5. Think Seasonal– If your product is more popular at certain times of the year, then advertise in those times and don’t advertise outside of those times. You don’t see Christmas ads and Holloween ads on Valentines Day.
  6. Ad Copy is Key– This part of your advertisement is everything else besides the keywords that the audience may try to look you up by. There are tools available on Google for example that automatically do this for you!
  7. Back it Up– Online ads and paper ads should be a team, not separate entities. Where you have an online ad, have a paper ad as well and vice versa.
  8. Go Verticle– Advertising on every site is great and all, but it gets expensive. Rather, advertise on sites that you know you will get more traffic (and higher quality traffic at that!)
  9. Go Local Versus International– Even if your company is international, you wouldn’t see an ad for a local Colorado town in a city ad in Venice Italy. Tailor your ads locally, and returns will flow in.
  10. Use Cost per Click (CPC) Management Tools– There are tools on Google that will manage your CPC to ensure you are getting the best return on your advertisements.



6 thoughts on “Why Not Just Say Advertising? Pt. 1

  1. Yep, those ads do look familiar, but as an avid gamer, I’m not surprised that they’d assume I’m a part of their target audience (though, I’m a bit more of a Final Fantasy gamer myself).

    Good thoughts on your 10 points. I like the way you broke up your post with headings and plenty of white (er dark grey) space. It made it easy and pleasant to read. I found #7 to be particularly interesting. I’ve always assumed that ads should not be similar in different mediums. Perhaps what #7 suggests is that they should coordinate instead of match perfectly?

    Great post!


  2. I never knew who produced those ads, but YES they are everywhere! I almost feel that they are at the border of being too much and deterring consumers because of annoyance. Lots of good information in this post, and I agree your tone goes along with it well!


  3. I love your post! I really like the humor, and you also give the information really well. My blog covers keywords as well, but I didn’t even think about how excluding certain keywords could also help your ad traffic. Thanks for all of the new info! Great job!


  4. I really enjoyed your post and how you caught the readers attention. I agree, it doesn’t seem like you can watch a video without one of those popping up. I have to admit, I did play clash of clans in high school, and I learned about it through an ad so it did work for me. You had lots of good information, and it was very interesting.


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