First off, to those of you who watched my VoiceThread Video, do you remember this suit?


Groupon. $60. 3-piece suit. Highly recommend it.

Now that I have shamelessly forced a caveat on today’s highlight company, let’s get started!

Had I known today’s topic was specifically about Online Display Advertising or banner ads, I honestly would have chosen to do Supercell as my highlight. But, here we are and yesterday’s post is on Supercell.

However, I have seen Groupon use several banner ads on Facebook, Google affiliates, Reddit, Imgur, you name it, and Groupon seems to have an add there. These banners are what got me to first try Groupon out!

Here’s an example banner set from Groupon:


Erin Sagin with Word Stream recently posted the article “8 Super Creative, Crazy Creative Display Ad Ideas” which I found helpful!

  1. Consider Your Venue– In the case of social media, Groupon has to not only compete with other paid advertising, but they have to compete with the social media content itself. And you will too! There is a balancing act of blending in and standing out. Make your post fit it, but appealing to your venue!
  2. Speak to Your Target Demographic– “One size fits all” is a bad tactic. Even if you do cater to all demographic groups. Create ads that are demographic specific and your advertisements will pay you back! Groupon shows professional and casual wear because they know I’ll buy them.
  3. (NOT SBU APPROPRIATE… even though I agree)– If you’d like to know, I will post this at the very bottom of this post so you can know! If you aren’t interested, DON’T go to that line on the bottom. Just skip over it. Deal? Deal.
  4. Go Emo– People are emotional. Even the ones who claim to be all logic are still emotional. Play into that fact. Why do you think major news outlets are so successful? It’s not for good journalism that’s for sure.
  5. Channel Your Inner Comedian– Studies show that humor is more likely to grab and retain audience attention, increase memorability, and overcome sales resistance. This goes back to knowing your audience and venue. Telling a humorous joke in inappropriate situations may kill your ad campaign.
  6. Implement a Feel-Good Discount– This is why Groupon succeeds so much. That suit I am wearing in that picture retails at $700. Groupon sold it to me for $60. They got me in a banner ad that said, “94% off”. And here I am with the suit. Score!
  7. Pick Your Color Palette Wisely– Remember from marketing class that certain storefront colors evoke certain responses and emotions? Same applies to your advertisements. Groupon, for example, is green which associates with wealth.
  8. Shock Viewers with Unexpected Images- Not necessarily unsolicited shock mind you. Sometimes that works, but other times it may be too much.


WARNING: Not SBU Appropriate. Point 3. Get Your Mind in the Gutter– Whether you accept it or not, sex sells. It is a fallen world we live in. I don’t recommend this to be the be-all-end-all tactic, but the reality is is that it works. As Christians, take this with a grain, or silo, of salt.


2 thoughts on “Why Not Just Say Advertising? Pt. 2

  1. Great post! I enjoyed reading it! The humor in it made it more enjoyable. I also liked how you started off with the company spotlight in a way. That’s a great deal for a suit! But really, I enjoyed the post. Especially how you went out and even touched on the “Sex sells” a little bit.


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