Confession: I haven’t been sleeping well recently so my business highlight was heavily influenced by that fact.

Ever heard of Purple? I hadn’t until this obnoxiously long video ad came on Hulu that I couldn’t skip. But the thing is, the ad was great. Made me want one of their mattresses! GO check out their site. They’re so sassy and sarcastic, all the while being upfront with their product ads. Albeit, their ads are a little on the long side.

Dan Virgillito with Adspresso¬†wrote an article called “4 Ways To Engage Your Audience With Visual Storytelling On Facebook“, but I find you can use these tips even outside of facebook.

  1. Use Videos– Purple does this one the best. As I mentioned, Purple has obnoxiously long ads… but for some reason, you cannot tear yourself away from them. I find them enjoyable. And after rewatching their videos, I may get their new pillow as well.
  2. Use Fan-Submitted Videos– Having customers show off using your product is almost like free advertisement. And it shows it used outside of the ad, which eases the customer’s mind.
  3. Use a Mascot– Purple uses many mascots, but the one thing they go back to is “Science!” The science behind their mattress and pillows. However, the customers seem to remember Goldilocks and the Eggs from the advertisements. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but go watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.
  4. Use Captions– On the pictures and videos, caption it! Let your audience know what exactly you are doing, or what product you’re using. It will add to the memorability!

Here is Purple’s Facebook page in action!



4 thoughts on “Don’t Sleep, Engage with Customers!

  1. Your post made me want to check out the company so I watched one of their videos! You’re right, they’re hilarious. Nicely written post and I appreciate that you started with the business spotlight instead of ending with it like most people (myself including) have been doing.

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  2. I enjoy the tone you convey when writing your blogs, makes them very fun to read! In regards to Purple, I have seen a commercial but never knew the name of the company! I agree they are very lengthy but the way they make fun of other products is definitely luring. Great post, I’m excited to read more!

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