This just in: social media is popular!

Wait, sorry no. It’s been popular for years. And despite the fact that I don’t use it very much, doesn’t mean I can afford to ignore it as a future entrepreneur. So learning how to use social media properly is a must for businesses of all shapes and sizes!

One such company that focuses heavily on social media marketing on Instagram is Plato’s Closet of Littleton. My cousin is both an assistant manager and the Instagram manager for that store. According to her (I can trust family right?) 20% of their customers come in on a weekly basis because of the Instagram page. That’s decent marketing for a local clothing resale shop.

Take a look and see:


Jessica Davis of Small Business Trends wrote an article last year titled, “6 Small Business Marketing and Social Media Going” In which I find 3 points to be especially helpful.

  1. Point 2- Share Only what Resonates with Your Readers: Like what My cousin does for Plato’s Closet, she shares what customers care about such as sales, current stock, and trendy fashion. Giving the customer what they want to see on social media will bring them in and sales will increase.
  2. Point 5- Make the Best of Your Existing Content: My cousin was not always the Instagram manager. She inherited the assignment. However, she did not delete any of the old content. In fact, sometimes she reuses some older content to get the old conversations starting again.
  3. Point 6- Add Your Own Voice to the Shares, it Portrays Authenticity: As said before in previous posts: adding voice will lighten the mood. Giving your social media a voice will give your company a voice. This makes your company more approachable to the customer

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