Alright, so Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus walk into a party (Not a bar. Not SBU appropriate.) Facebook starts shouting crazy nonsense to its friends, Twitter starts shouting funny jokes at strangers, and Google Plus starts shouting at the empty back yard.

At least, that’s my experience with these three social media powerhouses.

But that is my personal, not professional, experience mind you. All three platforms have benefits that can greatly enhance your company’s digital marketing campaign.


Of the three, I am more familiar with Facebook to be sure.And the article by Cindy King titled, “Six Facebook Marketing Tips From the Pros” highlights the importance of constant traffic analytics, high response rates from PR employees of your company, and paid advertisement to ensure your ads are being shown all over Facebook, and beyond.

Next we have Twitter, which I’ve only ever seen spunky companies use this effectively. However if done correctly, it will benefit your company greatly. Beth Gladstone wrote the article, “7 Simple Twitter Marketing Tips to Improve Your Results” where she highlights the importance of content. Be it in text, video, or photo, make sure it shows up correctly and isn’t convoluted to view. And as always, analytics will be your heartbeat. Always monitor your analytics.

Lastly, Google Plus! Google Plug runs and feels more like a blog site than the other two. But if used effectively, it can have just as much impact as Facebook and Twitter. Once again Cindy King is at it again and titled this article, “5 Google+ Marketing Tips From the Pros.” Many tips overlap with the first two, however as Google Plus is used more as a blog, Cindy highlights the importance of, of course, analytics, as well as customer comments, appropriately timed post scheduling, and content placement such as videos and pictures.

Of course, to maximise coverage, I suggest using all three in tandem. But I also suggest three different individuals be in charge of each site. for example, I would not be a great Twitter poster, but I can do Facebook rather well. Most people have a preferred method of social media. Play into that. Your company will thank you!


Image sources:

Featured Image: César Romero, “How to make Music emoticon on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus” Translated from Spanish

Second Image: Matthew Capala, “14 social media hacks from the experts


4 thoughts on “The Showdown

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your intro! So perfect! I agree that Facebook is probably the most often used of the 3 and as well may be the easiest. Way to keep all this information short yet informative!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree that they should all three be used in tandem. Except maybe Google+. I guess it depends on the company but I couldn’t find Coke very easily when searching for it the other day. Anyway, nice post!


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