When you think of great places to market on social media, which sites come to mind? Hmm? Oh you mean you didn’t think of Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr? Well, can’t say I don’t blame you. But Depending on the audience you are marketing to, these channels can be just as effective as the marketing powerhouses of social media previously mentioned in my past posts: The Showdown and Videos and Pictures All Under 10 Seconds.

So to get started let’s look at Reddit.


Reddit is a user content driven site. It has its own culture and subculture also known as “subreddits”. The best way to think of Reddit in terms of marketing is that it is Social Media’s “Shark Tank”. It can be brutal and unforgiving, but if marketed to properly, you can have excellent returns for your business.

The writers of Kissmetrics wrote an article called, “The Marketer’s Guide to Reddit” in which it goes into great detail of describing what Reddit is, how to navigate it, and how to properly market to this unique audience. Here are some takeaways for getting started:

  1. Choose the correct subreddit– Right off the bat, if you post anything to the wrong category, you will be downvoted into nothing. Thereby ending your market campaign right off the bat. Simplest way to avoid this? just take care to post to the appropriate or closest category.
  2. shorten the URL– Redditors will spend hours on Reddit. And one thing they watch out for is the length of a URL. She shorter while remaining comprehensive, the better.
  3. Personalise!– Reddit does not like bots or automated postings. make it personal, and you will be accepted into the community.
  4. As always, Analytics!–  Reddit offers its own analytics in the form of “karma”. Use this to gauge how well received your posts are to a subreddit, and adjust from there!


Pinterest makes the most sense to me Mostly because I’ve seen it done, and it overflows to Facebook. I’ve seen so many soap and lotion saleswomen advertising on Pinterest, so why can’t it work for your business?

Cindy King wrote, “7 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Improve Your Visibility” in which I found the top 4 to be especially useful

  1. Include Price Tags– This is a great idea. While Pinterest users are browsing, the idea pops into their mind “ooh I like that” Puting a price with it can encourage the user to act now and visit your site.
  2. Use Pin It for Later Links– This is kind of like a virtual “bookmark”. This allows users to save it to view later alongside other pins they have saved.
  3. Show Pins to Newsletter Readers– Offer a spot for your customers to pin things on your email, newsletters, and even other social media sites.
  4. Find Popular Group Boards– This would be like the category that you select. It can make or break your marketing campaign, so choose wisely!


I truthfully would never have thought to market to anything on Tumblr. But, they do have a specific demographic that can be marketed to. So as Tessa Wegert explains in her article, “3 Tips for Successful Content Marketing on Tumblr“, I recommend you listen to her advice:

  1. Choose your format wisely– Tumblr users like visual content the most. pictures and GIFs will be what draws attention. But don’t count out witty text. They enjoy that as well.
  2. Follow your fans, and share their content– This is a certain brand of etiquette that Tumblr users expect. It’s the “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kind of thinking.
  3. Make content that incites an emotional response– Tumblr users are widely emotional. They will react to something evoking an emotional responce. So play into it! You’ll get attention for it!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: In order to maximize coverage, market in all three areas. It will pay off in the long run!


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