Guys, I’m sad. This is my last blog post. so let’s go out with a bang alright?

Today we have 3 more places to market on social media. So without delay, let’s get started.


Surprised you didn’t I? I did day we’re going off with a bang. Alright, no more antics:

I never thought of LinkedIn as a marketing location, but after reading Niraj Ranjan Rout’s article titled, “8 Uncommon LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Small Businesses“, I was sure LinkedIn could be just as effective as any other sites previously mentioned. To sum it up, the 2 major points that can be taken away from this would be point 2 being Encourage Employees to Post Content and points 1, 3, and 4 all sharing the commonality Who you Market to. LinkedIn has many generations of employees all on the site. and getting your employees on board, posting, and connected with other professionals can lead to future business contacts and customers alike.


Flickr is a weird one. I can’t say I thought it could be done, but Ann Smarty who wrote, “5 Tips to Increase Your Visibility on Flickr“, proved me wrong. Right off the bat, point 1 makes the case that even though you cannot openly market of Flickr, you can embed links to your site or social media pages within the pictures themselves. That is genius! Next big important steps are in point 3 and 4, join communities and properly tag your photos! This will allow for customers to easily locate you either through tag or category.


I have never heard of Periscope. So if you are like me then here is a quick insight as to what on earth we are talking about: It is a phone app that allows you, as the user, to “go live.” That means you, as the viewer, can watch these live broadcasts in real time. Pretty cool technology! AJ Grawal wrote an article called, “5 Tips For Marketing Your Business On Periscope.” Essentially, this article advises businesses to engage with customers. The point of Periscope is to go live, so go live and encourage your followers to do the same! As a side note, Periscope users tend to enjoy more emotional content. So use this to your advantage.

And of course, as always use all three in tandem to maximise your output!

Everyone, it has been a pleasure. If this blog has in any way helped you on your social media journey, feel free to let me know. This is Caleb Holden, signing off.


One thought on “The Last Hurrah

  1. Caleb, i liked your title it made me laugh haha. also your blog is laid out well. i appreciate that. its nice how you summarize the articles giving your opinion on which points stand out to you.


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